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"Our approach to organising a busy family with Notion is called the Family Hub."

The superpower of the family hub is that, behind the scenes, all the data is interconnected. It allows you to create, access and edit all your information through easy to use dashboards that can be customise to your needs. There are a series of related databases that do all the complicated stuff out of sight. It's an approach to building your workspace that provides you with the structure you need to keep heaps of detailed information and have it presented in a format that makes it easy to see exactly what you want and easy to enter things quickly.


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Family Hub (Basic)

(Free Version)

To get you started we are giving you a basic version of the Family Hub for FREE. It has all the key structures in place so that you can continue to build your Family Hub in bigger and better ways.

In the Family Hub (Basic) you will find six interconnected databases. Two of which connect to everything else in your Family Hub - Family Members and Tags. You also get Milestones, Measurements, Medical Profile database along with a Filing Cabinet that allows you to filter Creations (Kids art work) and photos.

Check out more details...


Family Hub (Full version)


In the full version of our Family Hub we give you 30 databases and several dashboards to help manage all things family.