Our mission is to accelerate human progress through education.

It is an absurdly ambitious mission — we are aiming to alter the course of human civilization. To achieve it, we must constantly improve how we are working with kids, so they can become as capable as possible. As a facilitator, you will be at the front lines working with kids and reporting opportunities for course corrections to our product, engineering, and curriculum teams.

Job requirements

We believe students learn best through action, careful observation, and thoughtful conversations. Our facilitators are comfortable stepping back and allowing the students to help each other make sense of a problem and experiment with their own solutions. A successful facilitator asks open-ended questions to encourage student participation and critical thinking. Key to our program is fostering a space where students feel empowered to take risks and learn through experimentation.

Facilitators receive extensive training on utilising virtual learning tools and the software platforms created by Synthesis. If you believe in our philosophy of education, we encourage you to apply. In-depth technical knowledge is not a prerequisite.


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