How might we recover from COVID and begin healing our political divide, so we're stronger as a country than we were before?


We're convening the first national Citizens' Assembly in the US, to help heal our partisan divides and find common ground on a way forward that works for all Americans.

The Assembly will empower 100 citizens, selected to reflect the demographic and ideological makeup of the country, to make recommendations on what matters most as we recover from COVID-19. In a 2-month online process, with the support of skilled facilitation and access to topical experts, they'll put everything on the table, work creatively through conflict, and find common ground beyond partisan politics. Through it all, we'll demonstrate our ability as Americans to come together, strengthened by our differences.

To amplify the impact, we plan to produce a Netflix-style documentary series.

About Us

This Citizens' Assembly is organized by 'of by for,' a non-profit working to move beyond parties and politicians to put everyday people front and center in our politics.

Our advisors include leading practitioners from the worlds of deliberative democracy, including those behind high-profile events, including America In One Room, the Australian Citizens' Parliament, the Irish Citizens' Assemblies on the Constitution, and national Citizens' Panels in Canada. We are also advised by experienced political reformers and democratic theorists, such as Lawrence Lessig and Jane Mansbridge.

About the Role

We are looking for a passionate, creative facilitator to co-design and co-lead delivery of this transformative online Citizens' Assembly. In partnership with the core team, they'll integrate the best from the world of facilitation and build on the past 5 decades of deliberative democracy processes.

Ideal candidates will have a passion for group process and civics, combined with extensive facilitation experience both online and offline. They'll be deeply curious with appreciation for the wisdom of people from all walks of life. In their work, they will naturally integrate structure and process with intuition and improvisation. They might even moonlight as a comedian ;).

In 2020, they will work with our core team to: