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Lack of personalized approach is the key shortcoming of e-learning systems. Participants will be offered to create a unique educational app for primary school students and/or their teachers that would make learning experience adaptive and more engaging.

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Personalization in education is not just an abstract trend anymore. Schools and universities seek for tech solutions and products that would offer individual approach to learning process in class or at home and include features of adaptive mechanics:


Education market offers plenty of digital services for improving effectiveness of learning process at schools. Online platforms and apps are widely implemented and used by both teachers and students. But schools need these services to fit users’ needs, adapt to their learning goals and interests as well as their knowledge level.


Participants will build a prototype of an educational product for K-12 learners or primary schools. It should be a web or mobile application (knowledge testing system, educational game or knowledge practicing tool, etc.) that would include elements of adaptive learning and define individual paths for users based on their interaction and experience history as well as data collected about them.

Personalization also might be achieved by adding such features as gamification and social components to your app (e.g., the ways for students and teachers to communicate effectively).



Adaptive Learning: What It Means and How It Works