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Fulbright Taiwan: US & Taiwan’s Talent Exchange for the 21st Century


  1. With the increasing interactions with digital content, it is important to understand FSE’s user’s needs and behavioral preferences. Automation and prediction tools may need to be incorporated to improve efficiency and effectiveness of colleagues' decision making and working process.
  2. MA, ETA, CSAT, Debate, FCA programs continue to grow and increase its impact. Expanding the media reach to Taiwan’s community will help to grow the trust and to secure the needed funding to sustain these programs along with the traditional programs.
  3. With the CONVID-19 pandemic, the international exchange services have been hugely disrupted. Releasing timely and forward-looking messages to the community and potential applicants will be key for the 2020-2021 year.
  4. George Floyd’s incident presents an ongoing need to increase conversation and action in terms of Diversity & Inclusion.


Fulbright Taiwan’s vision is “A world with a little more knowledge & a little less conflict” and the mission is: “We engage and impact people for life by: Awarding scholarships, Building knowledge, Cultural Exchange, Developing long-term relationships, & Enhancing Taiwanese-American ties.”

As a model Fulbright program of the East-Asia Pacific region, we promised to provide one of the best educational exchange experiences in the region to nurture the next generation of leaders with Fulbright’s values of internationalization, diversity, free inquiry, generosity and service.


  1. Current grantees, Alumni, & Institutional sponsors

  2. Prospective applicants

  3. Stakeholders: DOS, AIT, MOE, & MOFA, major donors

  4. Global Fulbright community & Interested audience