<aside> ⚡ This document is intended to help you understand what FLOC* is and how we work collaboratively as a team, adapting to each project/client and ensuring the highest quality of work. The intention of this document is to try to constantly improve by evolving this document.



Community-driven Web3 Strategic Design Studio

*Free Leaders On Collective

FLOC* is a collective of freelancers who collaborate and form part of teams to work together with brands and create their own projects in a collaborative way.

We are much more than a strategic design studio specialized in the crypto ecosystem.

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*Free Leaders Open Community

FLOC* is an experiment, it sounds strange to say, but for us it has been from the beginning. Because we are always in continuous change, going out of our comfort zone to improve.

We are much more than a community of designers, we are an ecosystem of visionaries.

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How do we do it?

Connecting strategy with creativity to build ideas into powerful realities.