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Earn $FF by writing content on social tokens related topics.


Forefront’s mission is to be the leading platform for insight across the social token community. $FF was launched to allow that community to own and shape that insight, and a key part of that is incentivizing exceptional writing.

How it works

Writers will receive an allocation of 109 $FF for every accepted piece.


Forefront will cover all of the topics relevant to the social token community: token innovation, the creator economy, crypto social, NFTs, DAOs, etc. Within these topics, we will first focus on two main values:

Content ideas


All submissions must be previously unpublished and must be submitted via this form. The work submitted must be authentic, that is, first rights of publication, as the author you still retain 100% of the copyright.

We prefer to work with original content, but in certain circumstances will consider syndicated content as well. If your piece has been previously published or will be published elsewhere in the future, please note that in the form. Please also ask us for approval before publishing original Forefront content elsewhere - failure to do so may result in us removing the content from Forefront.