We aim to deliver up-to-date news on Fei Protocol, as well as provide helpful documents on Fei and DeFi in general and for newcomers.

👨‍💻 Guidance

FEI basics - Beginners start here!

History of Fei Protocol


🛠 Integrations

Staking FEI-TRIBE on the official website

Staking FEI and TRIBE on other websites

FEI or TRIBE deposits on Rari

Trade spot

Overview of the integration timeline so far

Overview of the integration timeline so far


DeFi and the Future of Finance - Joey Santoro

DeFi and the Future of Finance.pdf

Introducing FEI Protocol

Introducing Fei Protocol

⏳ Ongoing

FIP-44: PCV Allocation into Idle Finance is currently live on Snapshot!

Currently, it looks like the proposal will be passed, but it is a race between the voting options:

As always you will hear about news in #announcements first!

If you have proposals of your own, feel free to discuss them in the #proposals channel.

🏛 Governance

DAO Voting

📚 Resources

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