Before Applying:

  1. What are the skills required to participate in this Camp?
  2. What characteristics are you looking for in students?

About Applying

  1. What is the application process like?

    Round 1:

    1. Complete application to the best of your ability
    2. Receive a confirmation email after submitting your application

    Round 2: if you pass Round 1

    1. Receive invitation for short interview
    2. Schedule and complete interview

    If you pass Round 2

    1. Receive acceptance email + swag kit
  2. What is the application for?

  3. How many spots are available in the Camp?

  4. Can I apply more than once?

  5. How many applicants are being accepted per camp?

  6. Are we expected to receive a confirmation email?

Other Camps

  1. Can we participate in multiple boot camps?
  2. Can I participate if I have participated before?

Mentorship Program

  1. Will you guys open up more spots within the boot camps?