We're compiling a list of the most common questions we receive and adding them below as we see fit.

If you don't find the answer to your question(s) below please email hello@getads.co.

What happens if my payment doesn't go through?

In the case that your payment doesn't go through, all ads will be placed on hold until payment is cleared. Once payment is cleared all work will resume.

We will automatically try to charge your card on file three times for three consecutive days after it declines a first time. If on the third try the payment doesn't go through your account will be cancelled & all work will be placed on hold.

What exactly is a request?

A request is in its most simple terms a service order for ad creative. Depending on your plan, each request you have the ability to "order" up to a certain number of ad creatives (this includes variants).

What is a variant?

A variant is either referring to the number variations you're going to be receiving. This can either be size/dimension variants or it can be color variants that follow a similar design layout.

How many requests can I put in at once?

*You can have multiple requests in at once, but your designer will only work on the amount allowed on your plan at the same time. If you have two requests in and you have the basic plan, your designer can only work on one at a time, until one is placed on hold or completed, then will they be able to work on the other request.

Do you guys write the ad copy for the ads?

No, we will not be creating any copy for the ad creatives, in your request you have the option to provide specific ad copy for your creatives (this is preferred). If you/your team fails to provide ad copy on an ad request our team will take a look at the copy on the website/landing page and use some of the wording there.

Can I submit two ad requests with my trial?

No, you can only submit one ad request with the purchase of a trial.

Can I get refund for my trial?