You’ve got questions 🙋‍♀️ We’ve got answers ⤵️

🤔 How to Groove

<aside> 📹 Did Groove’s Head of Community record a video that will help me understand how Groove works in 60 seconds?

Wow, you really know how to start off with the right questions! She did indeed → Check out this nifty Groove in 60 Seconds video:


<aside> 🤳 How much am I on video?

Groove’s simple structure means you get all the perks of global connection with others on wavy career paths, but also focused offline time without video.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Join a Groove. Hop on Groove's mobile app to start or join a Groove. Others will join you soon, and you'll get started with a short video check-in to say hi and share your goal for the next 50 minutes.

  2. Dive into deep work. You'll go off video to work on your goal, connected lightly via chat and task management so you stay focused and on track.

  3. Regroup. When the time is up, the group gets back together on video for a quick recap to talk through how it went.


<aside> 📱 How do I download Groove?

At the moment, we’re in beta (aka a fancy way to say “not quite open to the public yet), but you can join by applying to our waitlist, or having a current Groover send you their invite link.

Groove is available on iPhones and Android under “Groove: beyond work”


<aside> ✔️ What are some of the tasks people use Groove for?

Hop on a Groove to set aside intentional time for what you want to get done in your day. That could be work, goal setting, exercise, or that passion project you’ve been dreaming about. It’s especially great for tasks you might be pushing off but you know are important for you to prioritize.

Some Groovers like to tackle long-procrastinated tasks like redoing their website; others use it first thing in the day to organize their to-do list and power through emails; others use it for brainstorming and rare time to unplug and think; it’s also not uncommon to see someone is using the time to finally fold their laundry or clean their living room! So basically… anything and everything.


<aside> ⏰ So I can Groove at any time of day?

Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird or a nooner (we’re reclaiming the meaning of that one), you can use Groove any time. Whenever you want a 50-minute deep work sesh, we’re here.

We’re a global community, so usually, there’s someone around to hop in your Groove within a few minutes... If you want to be sure, hop on during typical working hours in the U.S.

Pro tip: If you click on your profile picture in Groove and then settings, you can customize your Grooving hours. I highly recommend doing this, so that you only get notifications from Groove during hours you like Grooving.


<aside> 💪 Any tips for how to really get the most out of Groove?

Be present 🧘‍♂️ Come ready to focus and connect with others for a satisfying 50 minutes of making progress.

Grooves are about being intentional with your time so you can focus on what matters most to you in life — whether that’s tackling a presentation that will land you your next client, writing the novel you’ve been dreaming about, or clearing out your inbox so you can take a long walk with your dog.


<aside> 📅 Can I schedule a Groove in advance?

Yes! Click the calendar icon to create a Groove for a date/time in the future. Set a theme/title for the Groove to unite around a similar intention with other Groovers. For example, you might create a "To-Do Setting 📝 " Groove for next Monday morning to kick off the week and figure out what needs to get done. Or, a "Zen Time 🧘🏽‍♂️ Meditation" for Friday afternoon. Everyone else who RSVPs for that Groove can join you in doing the same.

Since this is a new feature we’ve added some extra FAQ around it ⬇️

👫 The Groove Community

<aside> 🏄 Why are Groovers special?

We’re a bunch of energized solopreneurs, based all around the world, gathering to help each other accomplish great things.

Everyone is friendly, paving their own path, eager to connect with others and, frankly, ready to get sh*t done. Meet a few Groovers here.


<aside> 👣 What’s a wavy path, and am I on one?

A wavy path is a fluid career that takes nontraditional paths, each designed with intention by you. It’s how we like to describe the career paths of Groovers.


<aside> 👯‍♀️ How can I share Groove with a friend?

If your friend is down to Groove, invite them with your “share link,” which you can find on the main screen of Groove’s app. When you use your share link, they bypass the waitlist.