Intro to BanklessDAO

1. What is BanklessDAO?

BanklessDAO is a decentralized community focused on driving adoption and awareness of bankless money systems like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and DeFi. You can learn more in our Getting Started with BanklessDAO guide and on our Mission, Vision, and Values page.

2. What's the purpose of BanklessDAO?

You can learn more about the Mission, Vision and Core Values of the BanklessDAO here: Mission, Vision, and Values

3. How do I join?

BanklessDAO is an open organization! Anyone can join and contribute. To join as a full member you will need 35,000 BANK. You can buy BANK on exchanges listed in 👉dao-start-here👈. To join as a guest, introduce yourself in 🎢get-involved and ask for a Guest Pass.

4. How can I contribute?

Share your skills and step up to help BanklessDAO achieve its mission. Introduce yourself to a Guild or project where you'd like to contribute. Here's a little Getting Started Cheat Sheet to help.

5. Where I can contribute

All the real activity happens within Guilds and Projects. These channels are mostly hidden to remove clutter. You can unlock Guild and Project channels by selecting the reaction emoji (click the emoji) from ⚔role-select. If you want to get the full Discord view, look for the Firehose role.

6. What are the guilds, and how can I join?

Guilds are labor pools that organize specialist skillsets into a single location. Creating a Guild gives DAO members to group together and offers the community direct access to a source of skilled labor. Examples include the Writers Guild, Translators Guild, Developers Guild, etc.

Here is more information on how to join: What are Guilds and How Do I Join?

Role gated PROJECTS categories. To see a project's channels, you must either have: (1) Relevant project role or (2) Firehose role. The only caveat is that each project's start-here channel is not gated. You can pick up the project role (or firehose) from #⚔role-select.

7. When are Community Calls?

Community Calls are weekly meetings we do to align our efforts. Community Calls are every Friday at 4pm UTC. All Guest Passes and Contributors can join on Discord and everyone else on Twitch.

BANK Token and Compensation

1. How do I get BANK?

BANK was originally claimable if you had: claimed your Bankless badge before May 4th, 2021, donated to Bankless through Gitcoin grants, or owned a BAP0 before May 1st, 2021. These claim periods are now over. The only way to get BANK is to buy it or earn it. See 👉dao-start-here👈 for information one where to buy BANK.

2. How can I earn BANK tokens?

TIPS: These are given by other BanklessDAO contributors for valuable or desirable contributions in the moment. (For work done, well spoken comments, answering member questions, or whatever the tipper values) - Tips are sent to a Collab.Land wallet connected to your username and can either be used for tipping others, or can be withdrawn to a personal wallet. To learn more go to #bot-commands and type: !tip help

BOUNTIES: Posted in the #bounty-board channel or in a guild-specific bounty channel, these are one time or recurring job requests and can be claimed by clicking the black flag emoji. Some bounties can only be claimed if you have the correct role tag. After claiming, it’s your responsibility to coordinate with the bounty poster. Payment is made upon delivery of requested action or material, and can come in the form of a tip (Collab.Land), or through a guild or project during their scheduled pay round (direct to ETH wallet).

COORDINAPE: These are ‘pay parties’ (funding rounds / epochs), where you and your peers allocate tokens to each other from a predetermined funding pool. Epochs are organised either by BanklessDAO or by a guild or project. Total funding for each epoch is typically set at the beginning of each season, and total number of participants will vary for each epoch. To participate you must sign up and opt-in. Sign up periods will be well advertised within your guild, project, or in the BanklessDAO announcement channels.

ROLE COMPENSATION: Retroactive remuneration for part- or full-time contribution to a guild or project. Rewards are determined by each guild or project during the seasonal funding process. Roles are typically elected positions and offer a stable inflow of BANK for the duration of that role. To be considered for a role you must be active within that guild or project and nominate yourself during an election cycle. Apprenticeships are available for some roles and compensation is shared between the role holder and the apprentice.

GRANTS: These are awarded to projects deemed useful to the growth of BanklessDAO or the community at large. You can earn some of this grant money by contributing to a project or guild, either in a role or by claiming bounties. Do you have an amazing idea for a project? You can build a team within BanklessDAO, form a proposal, and apply for a grant! Project proposals must be posted to the BanklessDAO forum for seven days, and accepted proposals must be submitted to Grants Committee for final consideration.

3. **Who do I contact about a listing proposal for BANK?**‌

BANK is an ERC-20 token and can be listed freely by any exchange.


1. How do I vote on proposals?

Help guide the future of BanklessDAO by voting on proposals with the BANK in your wallet. Here's the official Snapshot page.

2. I have an idea, how do I make a proposal?

You can find information about how to start a proposal within the Constitution.

3. What is the Genesis Proposal?

The Genesis Proposal has closed for voting but is essential reading for DAO contributors, as it lays the foundation for key infrastructure of the Bankless DAO. The Genesis Proposal is the first proposal by Bankless LLC to grant a portion of the community treasury to the company in order to act as core participants in the DAO. Since BANK was a fair launch, Bankless LLC did not receive any BANK. It’s up to the community to choose its path.


1. How can I receive roles from the Collab.Land bot?

To leverage the Collab.Land bot, you will be asked to connect your wallet to the bot so it may verify you are the wallet owner.

The JOIN button is now available!

For best results, make sure you are on your Discord desktop app to complete these steps and you have already downloaded and set up your Crypto wallet.

The Collab.Land bot will *NEVER* DM you!

How it works

  1. Look for the #COLLABLAND-JOIN channel.
  2. Click the "JOIN" button, and you will get a private reply message in the channel to begin.
  3. Click on the link in the private reply to start the wallet connection/verification flow.
  4. A new window or tab will pop up in your browser with a selection of supported wallets. Select a wallet option to proceed.

Note: MetaMask selections are to connect while on a desktop. For mobile wallet apps please select WalletConnect.


  1. Follow the instructions to have your wallet sign the connection request from the bot.
  2. When the wallet is successfully linked, a wallet-connected message will appear in the browser window. Return back to Discord to proceed.


  1. With your wallet connected, the bot will send a DM “Updating roles…”. If you have been assigned a new role the bot will follow up with another message, “Assigned a new role…”


  1. You may now return to the server and select your icon to see the new role you have been assigned on that server. In most cases, this new role will allow you access to a private channel that was not visible before.

*Collab.land documentation for role claiming*

2. What to do if I'm still having problems trying to join Discord?

Try using the latest version of MetaMask https://metamask.io/download.html to join Discord. If you are still struggling, please ask for help in the #🤷no-stupid-questions channel.

3. Do I need to hold BANK to maintain my status in the Discord?

Yes, you will need to hold BANK in your wallet connected to Collab.Land bot to maintain your status in Discord and not be removed by the bot.

4. Can Collab.Land bot "trace" the address associated with my Discord to a yield farm or LP and allow me to maintain my status?

No, the bot can't track your status to a yield farm or LP token; if you move your BANK tokens from your associated wallet, you will be unable to maintain your status in the BanklessDAO Discord.

5. Why can't I see all the Guild/Project/Geographies channels?

In an attempt to declutter the Discord of its hundreds of channels, many categories are gated behind having a particular role/tag. In other words, to access a specific channel that is otherwise invisible, you need the following tags:

These are labor pools within the Bankless DAO to organize specialized skillsets into a single location. You can learn more about Guilds here: What are Guilds and How Do I Join?

6. What do the different level channels represent?

New channels will unlock for you as you participate in the DAO. Here are the Members and Roles:


  1. **How do I edit Notion?**‌

    Ask for access from your Guild Notion Administrator or Project Champion. For all other requests, ask in #notion-workstream on Discord.

How To Guides

Check out: https://www.notion.so/bankless/Guides-983da3d894fd42a1b26d3271bc8e0b45.