What architecture is followed by the applications?

Both Atom/Assist applications follow the same three-tier architecture. Find detailed information on the same here.

Can cross-versions of the applications be used from two different devices?

No, cross-version usage is highly unadvisable and not recommended in order to enable seamless collaboration. However, users can collaborate using the same version from different platforms.

Is cross-platform collaboration allowed?

Yes, one can connect to Atom from a PC and collaborate with a person/persons joining from other VR/AR devices. Similarly, for Assist, a field technician can connect from an AR device such as Realwear-HMT1 and collaborate with an expert joining from a PC.

From where can the application be downloaded?

For Atom - Latest apps are available on the Play Store, App Store as well as Oculus Store. You can access and download them depending on the device.

We also have the installer/.exe builds for PC and .pkg builds for Mac on a shared google drive that can be accessed from this page.

For Assist - The .apk file will be shared as a google drive link by Imaginate upon procuring a proper license.

Can the network/internet be changed during the meeting?

It is highly recommended NOT to change the network mid-way during a session as it may cause some audio/video issues. But when a switchover does happen, the audio/video resumes to normal once the network has been switched.