This page is a reference for how to use Giraffe. If you are starting with Giraffe watch this 10 minute video.

We are urban designers, and we built Giraffe to make urban design as easy and fun as possible. Giraffe has hidden depths - this page will help you find them.

We are mainly available on the app to chat - just click on the red chat icon in the bottom right of the screen.

Create a project

Search the address you want, draw a boundary, give the project a name and you are golden. (Don't worry you can change the boundary later. :) )

Analyse context

Once the layers are in a project, turn them on and off in the layers menu. Some of them are 3D! Most are 2D. If you have data mapping you think people need to see, call us! We'll add it to the list.

Upload hand drawings

Our people are designers, and designers work with pens. If you upload a plan sketch to Giraffe you can geolocate it, and access it easily ever after!

Make complex buildings

Some buildings have podiums. If you drag two buildings over each other in Giraffe one will become the podium and one will become the tower. Giraffe will take a guess on which is which, but you can use stackOrder to set it. The higher stackOrder goes on top. When I set the stackOrder to two the purple Warehouse section goes on top.

Manage projects and data

Share a project

Draw Buildings