What are typical companies you’ll invest in?

We will invest in any company, token, or organization we believe can have 100x return, and uses technology to establish a sustainable (ideally accumulating) advantage. This makes us sector agnostic, and we may invest in hardware, software, AI, deeptech, or cryptotokens.

What stages do you invest in?

We love to be early, but don’t mind investing later as long as there’s a case for 100x growth left. Pre-seed, seed, A are good. Series B is rare but doable.

Me and my company live in [my country]. Can you still invest?

Probably. We are only limited by the wonderful infrastructure built by AngelList, which enables us to invest in most countries on earth.

What size are the investment checks?

$30,000 - $300,000

Do you lead rounds?

Not currently.

Do you take board seats?

Not currently, but we will always pick up calls from founders to help.

What information will you share with LPs?