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How do I get listed

If you already support direct online ordering, it’s easy to get listed. Please see here for more details.

I would like to not be listed. How can I get delisted? acts as a search-engine for restaurants. Just like most search engines, we honor the robots.txt file. If you wish to be de-listed please update your robots.txt file to request to be de-listed from all search engines or from only If you are a client of Flipdish, please contact to request delisting.

I would like to receive more orders from Can I get premium placement?

No. We do not accept payment in exchange for premium placement. We do not feel that a restaurant directory can do this while also keeping the restaurants, and their consumers, best interests at heart. We believe accepting payment for sending orders to a restaurant would be the start of a slippery slope to becoming a food-marketplace.

Should I promote to my customers?

No. You should only ever direct your customers to your own app or website and never send them to a place that lists your competitors. is designed to help people discover your restaurant, not the other way around.

How are restaurants ordered on site?

Restaurants are ordered strictly based on proximity to the location any individual searches from. As above, we do not discriminate in any other way between restaurants listed on the site.

Do I have to use Flipdish to appear on

Absolutely not. Any food business that accepts direct orders can be listed on, and we make no distinction between Flipdish and non-Flipdish customers on the site.

Why are you doing this?

We believe in local, independent food businesses, and we can see the pressures they are being put under by a model that is fundamentally broken. This is our attempt to give consumers what they want (the ability to find restaurants and order food easily) without the crippling commission and conditions imposed by conventional marketplaces.

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