Easy & fast? Does this mean HockeyStack doesn't allow any detailed analysis?

No, it is the exact opposite. HockeyStack's vision is to allow detailed web analytics while still being easy to master. We find that most analytics tools are either too complicated but really powerful or really easy to use but too stripped-down. HockeyStack solves these issues by giving you access to flexible filters, reports, and the full user journey. We keep the product easy to use by optimizing each analytics workflow for the least clicks.

Why no heatmaps or session replays?

HockeyStack doesn't have heatmaps or session replays, and it will never have these features. There is a reason for this decision, and we have made the necessary adjustments to our feature set in order to capture the full capacity of heatmaps and session replays.

Heatmaps and session replays are pretty common among analytics tools, but there is a problem with them: They waste a lot of time and decrease your site speed.

In order to understand your visitors' experience on your website, you need to watch a lot of session replays, which means you spend hours. HockeyStack displays your visitors' whole journey on the users tab so that you can see the session's replay faster.


On the other hand, heatmaps only show you clicks and scrolls and decrease your website's speed by a lot. The HockeyStack script loads in 0.05 seconds!

Do you have a Free Trial?

Yes! You can test HockeyStack for 14 days, with no payment info required. We believe in love at first sight, but take your time to see how we can help you 😉

Do I need to be a developer to use HockeyStack?

Absolutely not! HockeyStack is completely no-code. After you integrate, you won’t need to deal with pesky methods for sending pre-defined actions every time you want to track something. Yikes!

How does HockeyStack comply with GDPR?

You can read the details of our GDPR compliance, the kinds of data we collect, and the procedures for handling GDPR-related requests on our Privacy Policy.

What does HockeyStack track on my website?

HockeyStack automatically tracks every click, pageview and scroll information of your visitors along with where they came from and their device information. To see HockeyStack in action, check out our Live Demo!

What happens if I go over the pageview limit for my plan?

Our pageviews are calculated monthly. So if you exceed your limit, we will stop tracking your data for the rest of the month. This does not mean that any of your current data will be deleted. But you are always welcomed to upgrade your plan :)

What's up with the name?

HockeyStack is the easiest way for your website to reach hockey-stick growth. Hockey-stick growth refers to a sharp increase in your metrics that HockeyStack provides as you track your visitors and understand their needs.