Q1. What is Ukraine DAO?

You can read more in Ukraine DAO Culture Handbook and UkraineDAO.eth - Treasury.

Q2. Who founded Ukraine DAO?

Q3. How was this DAO formed?

A3. Fortune did a wonderful job outlining the formation of Ukraine DAO.

In mid-January 2022, when Ukraine DAO co-founder Alona Shevchenko spoke with a friend with connections in the intelligence space about the imminent invasion. She spent weeks protesting outside the russian embassy in London. Soon after, Alona and two of her friends from Pleasr DAO, which collects art, created a group chat to discuss the potential of creating a DAO focused on helping Ukraine through fundraising.

Ukraine DAO was born on February 21, and started “self-organizing” on February 24.

After formation, as described in the Fortune article:

“Shevchenko’s group chat of three soon became the Ukraine DAO, which quickly drew thousands of members to its Discord, a popular messenger platform among the crypto community. In about a month’s time, the Ukraine DAO raised over $8 million for organizations and people aiding Ukrainians amid the war. And along the way, some prominent figures within the crypto community got involved, including Vitalik Buterin, the Russian-born co-founder of the blockchain powering the second most valuable cryptocurrency, Ethereum, and Buterin’s father, Dmitry.”

Check out the Fortune article for much more info on Ukraine DAOs origins and development - click here.

How did Ukraine DAO form? - Twitter Thread

Q4. Has Ukraine DAO been covered by other media?

A4. Since its inception on 21st February 2022, Ukraine DAO has been featured in many major publications, including ABC, Billboard, CNBC, CNN, Coindesk, The Guardian, Financial Times, Mashable, The Economist, New York Times, Rolling Stone, VICE, Wall Street Journal...and many more.

There are hundreds of articles published about Ukraine DAO, but here are our favourite ones:

  1. Forbes - “****How The Influence Of Crypto In Ukraine’s Resistance Goes Beyond Money

  2. Fortune Magazine article telling the story of the formation of Ukraine DAO.**

Check out Ukraine DAO In The Media page for more.

Q5. How do I get involved?

The best way to join our community is to get to know the team behind Ukraine DAO.

We encourage you to explore our social media channels and educational content, speak to our community in Discord or sign up to our telegram updates channel.

Those who want to contribute to Ukraine DAO can use our Contributor Application and also drop a DM to one of our team members to follow up.

We have a wide variety of active Pods (working groups) that contributors can participate in, depending on their specific skillsets:

Developers/Backend, Design/Memes, Fact-Checking & Media Literacy, Legal Pod , Mindful Webz - Mental Health , Refugee Support and others.

Q6. Where can I get updates on Ukraine DAO?

A6. Explore Help Ukraine Win Through Ukraine DAO.

Q7. What is a DAO?

✨ The abbreviation is usually defined as Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, which is a bit of a misnomer.

✨ In our view, a DAO is a community with a mission (and usually a blockchain-based wallet). Ukraine DAO is currently on a mission to defend Ukraine against the russian invasion. Learn more here - DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization

🇺🇦 Ukraine DAO is not tokenised like most other DAOs, which means there is no token that people can acquire to have voting power. We're managing perfectly well without it. The only authority is the Ukrainian people. More details - Ukraine DAO Governance [to update]

Q8. Is Ukraine DAO incorporated as a charity?


Q10. How does Ukraine DAO work? What working groups does Ukraine DAO have?

Check out the pages below to explore this question:

Ukraine DAO Governance [to update]

Building Ukraine DAO

You may also want to have a look at the materials below.

Efficient Work Culture

Q9. Why create a DAO when you can donate directly? - 🧵


Interview with Deepa


How to keep up with Ukraine DAO?

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