Updated: Wednesday, December 16th 2020

When will you release?

It's been a long time coming since we began the project back in April 2018. Today, the app is closely approaching production-ready status, which will mark the official launch of Notify in late 2020.

Reserve your spot in the beta: https://notify.me/auth/early-access-join


Notify is a platform that allows you to subscribe directly to content creators, their notifications open content on the native platform via deep link. Users get a clean and simple UI to manage their subscriptions and control what notifications they receive. Creators can manually send their notifications, or rely on our automatic service. We also have a browser extension for creators to help detect live streams and video uploads at the precise time of publish. Notify supports all major social media platforms. The app features a chronological feed with category filters, loaded with a variety of creator/community engagement features such as messaging, timeline, streaks, tips (monetization) directory for official shows and podcasts, discover & trending pages and much more.

Why Notify?

Today there are many different platforms for videos, music, articles, and streams- managing subscriptions and notification settings across all of these can be a pain, especially when we really only care about the creators. It’s also a widely known issue on platforms like YouTube to have issues with sub-boxes and notifications not being delivered. Our solution not only provides security to creators that rely financially on being able to reach their subscribers but to the users that just want a simple list of things they’re subscribed to and the control to manage it all at a glance.



Timeline so far: