Q: What is World of Women? A: A collection of 10,000 unique, cool & diverse Women to promote diversity in the nft space and give back to the community

Q: Who's the artist? A: Yam Karkai (@ykarkai) has drawn the whole collection by hand using procreate and illustrator. She's an original content nft artist

Q: Where can I get a WoW NFT? A: All WoW NFTs are now out there. Find them on the secondary market here! https://opensea.io/collection/world-of-women-nft

Q: How can I access my WoW NFT 4k x 4k file? A: Go to https://worldofwomen.art/, connect your wallet then go to the "My WoW NFTs" page where you'll be able to download the 4k x 4k files

Q: Where can I see my WoW NFTs? A: They were revealed instantly after mint. You can see your WoW NFTs in the ''My WoW NFTs'' section of the site after having connected your wallet to it

Q: How much is a WoW NFT? A: They were first minted at fixed cost of 0.07Ξ. Their price is now up to their current owner!

Q: When Rarity.tools? A: Rarity tool is available https://rarity.tools/world-of-women-nft

Q: What kind of NFTs are WoW? A: ERC-721 hosted on IPFS

Q: How many traits do they have? A: 11 different traits & 189 total attributes, with a minimum of 7 traits per WoW NFT.

Q: How will you give back? A: 15% of all sales has been allocated to the World of Women Fund that has started purchasing cryptoart from the community

Q: What about charities? A: 2,5% of all sales has been donated to each of those 3 causes we hold dear (7,5% total)

Q: What perks do I get from owning a WoW NFT? A: Several things 1/ You own the IP to your WoW as provided by this agreement (See specific FAQ) 2/ Exclusive access to its 4k x 4k file 3/ A chance to be airdropped a Signed framed print of your Woman (up to 100 shipped) 4/ Voting and recommendation rights on artists the WoW Fund should support 5/ Some extremely rare WoW NFTs are members of Clubs that grant their owner utility or passive revenue share from the project Check the WoW NFTs from Clubs here https://worldofwomen.art/clubs.html 6/ The right to flip her for a profit ^^

Q: I want to help, what can I do? A: Spreading the word about our mission on Twitter & Discord is already a lot. If you want to do more, feel free to reach out to us in DM or by emailAugust 11, 2021 1:31 PM (CEST)