Original Announcement

Hello everyone!  I manage the curriculum team here at Lambda, and am excited to share some things with you all. Before the break, we made a series of commitments to you and I’m back with updates on the first -”You’ll start getting personalized Sprint Challenge feedback this month.”

I'm happy to report that starting this week students in units 1-4 will receive automated feedback on their sprint challenges, as well as qualitative feedback from project reviewers.  This will start tomorrow (Friday) for both FT students and PST PT cohorts, and at the start of the next unit for CST PT cohorts. In addition to receiving feedback on the technical specs of the project itself, you will get more general comments on things that will set you apart in interviews: reusability, readability, and efficiency of code.

It’s important to note that you must turn in your sprint challenge on time in order to get this feedback.