1. What is an Obscura Patron Pass?

An Obscura Patron Pass (OPP) allows you to claim 8 NFTs throughout each season, secure funding for artists to create new work as NFTs with creative autonomy and unlock exclusive access as a collector.

  1. What are the benefits of holding an Obscura Patron Pass (OPP)?

On top of owning a set of eight NFTs by renowned artists, you receive a set of exclusive advantages. As an OPP holder, you will be able to

  1. How do i get my 8 NFT photographs?

Obscura Patron Pass holders are able mint/claim photographs from each drop throughout the season directly on [http://obscura.io.](http://obscura.io.) Drop dates will be announced ahead of time on our discord server http://discord.gg/obscura and our public calendar https://obscura.io/calendar .

  1. Is the Obscura Patron Pass limited to a specific period?

You have an indefinite time to mint the NFT’s available on your Obscura Patron Pass (OPP). The exclusive advantages associated with your Pass will remain active until the day an OPP for a new season is issued. But as an OPP holder, you will continue to enjoy access to the OPP Collector Lounge in the Obscura Discord.