How do I connect the plugin to Airtable?

When you install the plugin it will ask you for your Airtable credentials once you start using it. This data is then stored inside the plugin and linked to the document so you only have to enter it once. You can edit these settings trough the plugins menu by navigating to: PluginsAirtabledata PluginChange Settings

Where can I find the credentials/id's this plugin needs?

How do the helper notations work?

Currently the following helpers are available:

Suggestions for new helpers are welcome

Note: If you're using a helper column names are automatically converted to PascalCase

My columns have names with spaces is this a problem?

No, if you only want to fill the layer with your data without any helpers you can just use the name with spaces. If you do want to use a helper your layer's name automatically get's converted to PascalCase so you can use it without spaces:


green fruits ➡️ GreenFruits

Red fruits ➡️ RedFruits

purple-fruits ➡️ GreenFruits

colors ➡️ Colors