**Student Founders Program //** By application only // fall and spring semester cohorts

🧮The Student Founders Program supports all students across Duke (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) interested in creating a product or service, testing a pilot, and someday launching their own venture—whether commercial, social, artistic, or beyond. You'll gain experiential education, mentoring, a tight-knit community, and resources including small prototyping grants. Sign up on your own or as part of a team, and whether you have an advanced project or you're still looking for inspiration. You're welcome in the program wherever you are in your entrepreneurship journey!

🎯 Spring applications open in October and close mid-January.

New Venture Fellows // By application only // fall and spring semester cohorts.

🧮New Ventures Fellows allows you to get first hand experience evaluating the market opportunity of novel technologies in the Duke Office of Licensing and Ventures intellectual property portfolio. You will work with an Entrepreneur in Residence to conduct specific strategic assessments based on the nature and maturity of the technology.