HourStack offers three formats for exporting your report data; Excel CSV, and Google Sheets. Excel and Google Sheets exports will include basic formatting such as column widths, alignment, dividers, etc. to make reading the reports easier. CSV exports contain unformatted data only. All formats include the same data.

Google Sheets

To enable exports to Google Sheets you'll need to connect the Google Sheets integration to your account. This integration authorizes us to upload files to your Google Drive and then modify those files.

Our previous integration created a Google Sheet directly, but we've found that the export will be ready significantly quicker if we generate an Excel file, upload that to Google Drive, and then convert it to a Google Sheet rather than trying to write the data to a Google Sheet directly. This also ensures that Excel and Google Sheets exports have exactly the same formatting.

Export history

Exports are retained for 30 days (or less if you delete them). You can access your export history anytime to check the status of exports, download exports, or delete exports.