🚨 Expiration date and automatic alerts

Wish you could indicate when a document expires, and get notified as this date approaches? As our top requested feature - we are thrilled to announce now you can!For most docs, you can select an 'expiration date' which will display internally. As this date approaches - admins will get an 'expiration alert' email 30, 7, and on the day of expiration. Talk about making it easy to keep your Trust Center up to date.'Expiration date' is available on all plans, while 'expiration alerts' is a feature for our paid plans. Learn more here.


🔗 Statuspage.io integration

Connect directly to your Statuspage within the Trust Center (found under 'Status Monitoring' in 'Infrastructure' card). To flag - only paid plans can use this integration.Once connected, you will see system status displayed, which updates every time the Trust Center is loaded. Checkout SafeBase's own integration here.


🔔 Slack - customize mentions and tagging

Configure custom mentions for Slack notifications from certain events, for example - access request, file downloaded, new subscriber, etc. Want @channel to be notified? Just @here? Or maybe a specific person or group (such as the sales group)? Now you can!This feature is only for our paid plans. To get started, please respond to this email, or reach out to your CSM. For setup, we will need you to pass us identifiers, as detailed here. Still have questions? Help article here.


🚀 But wait, there's SO MUCH more!

→ Refer vendors and your peers - by popular request - it is now quick and easy to share SafeBase with vendors and peers!Sick of trying to conduct a vendor review and wish they had a slick Trust Center to speed up the process? Or have a friend at another company who wants to reduce questionnaires? Simply 'share via email' or 'refer LinkedIn connections' to get them started with SafeBase.This pop-up displays when you log-in and within the app (on far left green navigation pane, 'Recommend SafeBase' towards the bottom).


→ Point of Contact - admins can now toggle on to collect Point of Contact for those requesting access to their Trust Center. Collecting this email will help you and your team quickly determine if this request is legit and who is the best to follow-up with, if needed.To get started: navigate to 'Security Portal Settings' (click gear emoji at top right of Security Portal tab) > 'Functionality' > 'Point of Contact'. After enabling this, visitors requesting access will see this field in the form: