This handbook is a draft created to onboard Bayleigh and Erika as Reviewers during the last week of August 2019. If you have feedback or suggestions for this document message @cindy on Slack.

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Experiment aims to support a culture that is welcoming and respectful. We strive to be good communicators so that we foster a healthy work environment where we can be productive and make great things together.

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How we communicate

We are experimenting with being a six person distributed team, so the way we communicate shapes our shared virtual workplace. In order to work effectively, we narrate our work so that our colleagues and customers understand what decisions we are making and why. This means sharing mistakes and lessons with one another to encourage accountability and welcome feedback.

We want our feedback to be constructive, specific, and communicated with respect. When giving feedback, consider the situation ("During yesterday's meeting on product direct..."), the behavior you observed (" described the new team organization..."), and the impact it had on you ("...and it made me feel relieved."). Focus more on the situation and behavior and less on the impact—this helps us focus on the facts so we can stay level-headed.