TKS is looking for an Experiential and Event Marketing Manger to scale our organic content strategy. We're looking for seasoned events professional, with virtual and in-person event experience who loves to plan and execute high-quality and memorable experiences that reflect TKS’ brand to generate leads – or, in our case, student applications to TKS.

About TKS

The Knowledge Society (TKS) is a global human accelerator focused on developing young people (ages 13-17) to impact billions. In TKS, students learn about solving problems using emerging technologies, develop foundational mindsets, and build real-world skills, while being part of a global community of like-minded people. Our vision is to help create the next generation of unicorn people - people who impact billions. In 2020, TKS was recognized by The World Economic Forum as a "School of the Future".

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In this guide you'll find:

  1. The Experiential and Event Marketing Manager role description
  2. Resources to learn more about TKS
  3. Videos from our students

The Experiential and Event Marketing Manager Role

TKS trains young people to solve important problems in the world, and we're often asked "how do the students hear about you?" This is where you come in! You will be directly responsible leading TKS’ event strategy to help students get into the application pipeline and get them pumped up about the TKS . You plan and execute best-in-class and memorable virtual and in-person events (travel is required for this role).

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We're looking for someone who: