We’re looking for an experienced Unreal Developer

to work on our upcoming game projects.

👽 Your profile

You’re a hands-on developer / programmer. Your approach to problem-solving is to look for the long term solutions and a systematic approach. To achieve this, you don’t shy away from discussions with other coders, being able to both give and receive constructive feedback in the process. You’re experienced with and want to develop in the Unreal Engine – and you know why.

👩‍🚀 What you would be doing

Your job is to be our guide as we delve deeper and deeper into development in Unreal. You’ll be involved in the production of our projects from start to finish. You’ll work with the lead engineers and designers to establish our pipelines and workflows for development in Unreal. In your day to day, you’ll work directly in-engine, programming systems and gameplay as needed and converting blueprints into efficient C++. You can also develop tools for the designers and artists to better implement their designs and assets. You’ll participate in regular code review meetings to establish the ground rules for our development together with the other engineers.

🛸 Requirements

🛰 Bonus