In the spring of 2020, I worked with Kollie as a freelance Designer. At Kollie, we are building a SaaS-based platform that is wasn't just focused on delivering efficient project management but also wanted to tap on the employee engagement and growth levels.

The whole collaboration was remote due to COVID-19, which was quite a unique experience overall.

I got a chance to work with various teams like the development team, product team and marketing team.


While I was working with Kollie, within two months, I delivered the Brand identity and Landing page for our company.

📚Key Learnings

Here are some of my key learning takeaways from the internship:

  1. Effective Communication is the key

Since the only way to communicate was online, I learned about sharing raw ideas with the team effectively to avoid any confusion.

2. III - Iterate and Iterate and Improve

Though being open to suggestions from different perspectives is significant, I learned to make informative decisions and advocate for them with solid reasonings.

👀 Glimpse of the work I did here

Brand Identity