Thank you for your interest in our project. We’re looking to work with a diverse group of people to co-create self-care tools for eating disorders which are relevant and useful for as many people as possible.

This work is funded by the National Institute for Health Research.

We’ve been working with people with lived experience of eating disorders and those supporting loved ones to develop self-care materials. You can read more about this on the **TRIANGLE project website.**

We want to work with people from different ethnic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations and people with experience of all forms of eating disorders to develop this toolkit further. We really want to work with people whose voices have not typically been represented in psychological research.

In a series of workshops held on Zoom, we will work together as:

  1. people with lived experience of eating disorders,

  2. supporters caring for, or who have cared for a loved one with an eating disorder

  3. health professionals working with people with eating disorders.

You can read more about getting involved on the project’s information sheet:

Information Sheet.pdf

Experience Based Co-Design: What to expect.

In this video, we talk you through what a workshop might look like and how we would work together as co-designers.