If you want a Lander Foundation or Lander Media account card to spend on company projects, just ask, we'll get you one. It'll show up in a week or so. Please also request a card if you suspect you could project manage your responsibilities faster or better than you can do them yourself.


If you can find someone who can do anything we've assigned you (or anything related to our work that you think needs to be done using your best judgement) and you can find someone who either 1 wants to do it more than you, 2 enjoys doing it more, 3 can do it faster, 4 can do it better, or ideally all four of those attributes, so long as they don't cost more than double your hourly rate, please hire/subcontract them as soon as you can.

Remember from our Mission, Vision, Values page:

Valuing your time highly also means not wasting time doing things you are not good at. If there is someone else on the team who is better at some specific skill, please feel free to delegate appropriately.

If that person isn't already on our team and you don't want to do a specific task or can't do it well, or suspect it will take a long time and could be done better by someone else, it is YOUR responsibility to hire them and manage that project to completion, per our Expenses Policies. This keeps expenses and timelines down for everyone and keeps Lander running as smoothly as our collective judgement allows.

Please also see

Hiring Guidelines

Spending On Company Cards

In general, anything under $100 is fine, don't even bother asking about it.

For ball park ranges, here's what we're comfortable with if that's for some reason different from your personal comfort level:

Expense Expectations 💸

<aside> 💡 These are the types of expenses that we will reimburse. This page explains what's standard for Lander and the methods/software used to keep track of expenses and reimbursements.


<aside> 🎁 As a general rule, if you're treating someone or giving someone a gift, don't sweat if it's outside these ranges. Decisions like that usually are worth far more than they cost. Be more generous. Still, try to be reasonable.


Non-Approved Expenses

Pre-Approval Required

Reporting Guidelines

<aside> 📝 In order for the whole team to report our expenses correctly every month, please make sure you use the company card for transactions directly. It's hooked to our bookkeeping software and so we'll have everything nicely organized if you do that. Don't, for example, withdraw $500 in cash to spend on various projects. Just use the card.