All exhibition faults should be resolved via the following process.

  1. If out of hours or a weekend, skip this and proceed immediately to step 2. Direct Slack message to Ian Dunphy, Production & Technical Manager, describing the issue. If available, Ian will manage response from this point. Ian may ask the person reporting to proceed through the remaining steps themselves.
  2. If out of hours, weekend, or no response from Ian within 10 minutes, Slack message to Benedict Schlepper-Connolly, Head of Exhibitions, Digital & Programming, describing the issue. If available, Benedict will manage the response from this point. Benedict may ask the person reporting to proceed through the remaining steps.
  3. If the issue is not resolved by the above, report the issue to Rockbrook Engineering in the following steps. Note: if the issue is with a temporary exhibition, it must be resolved by steps 1 or 2.
    1. First Point of Contact (Pager 1) 01 – 2034391
    2. If No answer within 15 Minutes Call (Pager 2) 01 – 2034392
    3. The second pager is normally diverted to a mobile phone. The operator will inform you of this and give out a mobile number to call. Call the mobile number. If no answers please leave a message, wait 15 minutes and call again.
    4. If no response within 5 minutes of the second call, please use the escalation procedure
    5. Escalation Procedure
  4. Regardless of the outcome an incident report form should be completed here.

About our SLA with Rockbrook Engineering

Rockbrook Engineering provides 12 hour on-call service 362 days per year. They can provide support on any of the permanent technical infrastructure – but not temporary exhibitions as installed by MoLI. Expected response times are as follows: