Izzy Weiss President


"I'm 'in-between' because I'm a Chinese adoptee who has been raised most of her life in a predominately white neighborhood and felt out of place with her white friends as well as her Asian friends."

Izzy Weiss is a rising sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Economics. As the President of In Between, Izzy works with all Berkeley chapter vice presidents to brainstorm, organize, and execute all social, cultural, and service events. She also advises In Between chapter presidents nationwide to help them establish their own organizations at other campuses. In her free time, Izzy enjoys watching an unhealthy amount of Tik Toks, singing in the shower, and eating her mom's homemade green chili tacos.

Lauren Yang VP Internal Affairs


"I'm 'in-between' because certain factors in my environment push me to be more 'American' or be more 'Chinese,' but I think that there’s a balance in embracing both of these identities that I still have yet to reach!"

Lauren Yang is a rising sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Business & Data Science. As the Vice President of Internal Affairs of In Between, Lauren manages communications of In Between and directs organizes socials to foster an inclusive and fun environment for members. In her free time, Lauren likes to try baking new recipes, hanging out with friends, and watching Try Guys videos on YouTube.

Internal Affairs

Jaeson Kim VP Service


"My dad's name is Jae. I'm his son. My name is Jaeson." - Jaeson Kim, for all of his life probably

Jaeson Kim is a rising sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology. As the Vice President of Service of In Between, Jaeson directs service events with other third-party organizations that revolve around international Asian American adoption. In his free time, Jaeson likes to hang out with his family, play basketball, and eat ramen.


Eileen McGregor VP Cultural Outreach


"I'm okay with being 'in-between' now, but there was a time when I wasn't. Now I get to embrace two cultures and appreciate the uniqueness of my position in life."

Eileen McGregor is a rising sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Architecture. As the Vice President of Cultural Activities of In Between, Eileen curates events that celebrate the multiple cultural heritages of members. In her free time, Eileen likes taking pictures, procrastinating on work, and being excited about design.

Cultural Activities