Exchanges is the space on the merchant portal where you can see and update all the settings on your shopper portal regarding exchanges.

You can turn exchanges on or off from here. If you turn the exchanges off from here, your shoppers will only see return as an option and all mentions of exchanges will be taken away from the shopper portal.

To configure, go to:

Configure> Return Management> Exchanges

You will see the following page:

Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 5.59.48 PM.png

To allow exchanges across the portal, turn the toggle on.


<aside> 💡 If you have the toggle off, the system will also turn off exchanges, if you have set any, in Request Reasons.


The various benefits of exchanges that you can edit are described in detail here:

Catalog Exchange: Click here

Exchange Recommendations: Click here

Exchange Incentives: Click here