At Realtime we believe that online connection is simply a means to an end: the Internet should allow people to make real friends that they connect with in the real world, and not just through a screen. We’re firm believers in authentic expression, inside jokes, diverse interests, and genuine connection.

Our vision is that Realtime will be the dominant way in which the entire world translates online social interactions into IRL communities. A lot of amazing builders and creators believe in this vision.

💰 Realtime is backed by:

Just to name a few...other investors include founders and senior leaders at some of the dopest orgs, like Crunchy Roll, Snapchat, Behance, Adobe, Kickstarter, Tinder, Facebook and many more! Check out the full list here.

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Our two co-founders consider themselves more artists than technologists. As college dropouts and best friends, they know that the best people and ideas come from unexpected places. You can read more about them and our vision on Medium.


As our Events and Community Manager, you’ll be critical in helping us establish our presence as an online-offline product. Community is absolutely core to our product, so this is a key role. You’ll have the opportunity to roll up your sleeves, brainstorm, and execute ways to attract, grow, and nurture our userbase.

Realtime events are an opportunity to bring together the community you'll help create IRL (in-real-life). As such, you’ll lead the charge in creating unforgettable events and experiences. You'll be the first and last set of eyes on every detail of an event, from helping to brainstorm themes based on company goals, to sourcing vendors and venues, to fully executing the event.

You’ll create and lead the execution of our growth strategy, including building out a Community Ambassador team and ensuring every user has an amazing experience on Realtime—both online and IRL.

This role is full-time remote and may require up to 30% travel. You will report to the CEO and will collaborate closely with the Design and Operations teams.