Friday 10 June. Ukraine DAO Talks w/ Chris Occhicone & Volodymyr Demchenko

Saturday 4 June, 17:30 BST, 09:30 PT. Mindful Webz Twitter Spaces.

Wed, 1 June 19:00 BST (14:00 EST). Special Fact Checking Operation.

Saturday 28 May, 18:00 BST, 10:00 PT. Mindful Webz Twitter Spaces - Adjusting to a New Normal.

Thursday 26 May 20:00 BST. Special Fact Checking Operation.

Tuesday 24 May. Web 3.0 x Community = Climate Solutions.


Friday. Power Inside Security Lab x Ukraine DAO ****

Wednesday. Twitter Spaces with Vellum LA, Marcel.Art & Ukraine DAO


Ukraine DAO Twitter Spaces & Discord Calls

Thur, 19 May 20:00 BST. Special Fact Checking Operation

Ukraine DAO Twitter Spaces x Brittany Kaiser - 12 May 2022

Twitter Spaces. MindfulWebz: Checking In: How’s Everyone Doing?