The time estimation widget in Shift View provides an estimation of the time it takes to produce the current order or batch.

How is the estimated time calculated?

First of all, to provide an estimation for the current order/batch production, it is necessary that you have set a target quantity for the batch you are producing. Otherwise, you will see that the estimation is 0. If Evocon is integrated with your ERP solution, then the target is in most cases provided automatically once the operator has marked the order that is currently in progress.

How do we calculate the actual cycle time of the product?

<aside> ☝ Actual cycle time is calculated on an hourly basis and is updated after every new signal registered by the Evocon device.


The estimation reflects the real progress of production and is affected by many factors.

  1. If you start a new batch or order, then the actual cycle time = set cycle time of the product.
  2. If your changeover starts with a production stop, then actual cycle time = set cycle time of the product.
  3. If there are losses in performance (yellow areas), then actual cycle time is recalculated based on the actual speed of production.
  4. If production is on-going and you mark a product changeover to a signal in the past, then the estimation takes this into account. It is then calculated based on the quantity left to produce and the actual cycle time of the product.
  5. If an order or batch is produced over several shifts, it is not reset at the beginning of the new shift.
  6. The estimated time does not take into account the quality of production.

How to set the target quantity?

  1. Start a product changeover in Shift View

  2. Choose a product and set the target:


  3. Click "Save".

  4. The target appears in the header widget in Shift View, showing produced quantity / target quantity, estimated production time left and also the progress bar for the current batch: