To dig deeper into the essentialist state of being, here is a link to the book Essentialism, and here the link to Greg McKeown's Skillshare class. This template is mainly based on the Skillshare course.

Essentialism is about doing more of the right things.

This page presents a step-by-step approach to including essentialism into your life, by listing the essential questions and phases author Greg McKeown explains in his Skillshare course: "Simple Productivity: How to Accomplish More With Less". This is an exercise McKeown suggests doing on a weekly basis, with the aim of re-centering your mindset and intentions in order to live an essentialist life.

Below is a template button that allows you to create a periodic habit for going through the essential questions.

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Essentialism of February 23, 2022

by Simone Smerilli // Newsletter // Portfolio in Notion