Press Kit (EN)


Game Name: Escape from Galaxen

Developer: Ramen Profitable / Billete Cohete

Release Date: Early 2022

Platform: Meta Quest

Devices: Oculus Quest 1 y 2

Price: (TBD)

ESRB: Everyone

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Designed and developed for Meta Quest, Escape from Galaxen is a Virtual Reality shooter packed with nostalgia and references to the arcade culture of the 80s. This game, developed by Ramen Profitable Games will be available in early 2022 in the Meta Quest Store, although a free alpha has been made available in Sidequest for the most impatient players.

In Escape From Galaxen, you'll travel back to 1985 and play the most popular arcade game of the moment, Galaxen. A game that will trap you.. quite literally! Use your toy weapons to move forward as hordes of enemies will try to stop you. Travel through the insides of a classic arcade machine, defeat all the Galaxen, and get back in time for dinner in this adventure packed with nostalgia, synths, and neons!