This document should give you the needed input on the Equalizer Home & Charge product and how to get them configured for Pilot testing.

<aside> ⚠️ The information given in this guide is not public and is still in draft stage. Please provide feedback to Easee if faults are found or if you have any feedback.


Equalizer Home & Charge introduction

The Equalizer is made to optimize your power consumption. It prevents the main fuse from tripping and enables you to utilize all available power for EV charging when possible. It is easily connected to the HAN-port on your smart meter and with a one-click setup it communicates with your charging robot(s), via EaseeLinkTM over radio or Wi-Fi.

*When used together with an Easee Charging Robot.

Equalizer Home: A standalone Equalizer unit for smart meters in Norway (Other countries to follow). This requires a smart AMS with compatible communication port. This product combination is intended for the home market.

Equalizer Charge: This Equalizer is configured for interfacing towards industry standard current transformers ranging from 50-500A. But it supports HAN in addition. This combination of the product is intended for Charge installations.

Equalizer EQ: A multipurpose Equalizer adapter with optional interfacing expansions for Current sensors, Optical sensors and Rogowski coils. This device replaces the need for of the shelf current meters and is intended for Equalizer charge.



<aside> *️⃣ WiFi is required for normal operation. When offline, it will continue to work via EaseeLink towards a single circuit.


Sensors and indicators

Equalizer box contents

Detailed specifications

Getting started

Connecting the Equalizers to the Easee system is done through Easee Linking by tapping the Equalizer on a charger. The pairing process below can be used both for Easee Home and Easee charge.

Tap to pair → Easee charger

Make sure your Easee charger is connected to the same WiFi as you want the Equalizer to connect to. The Equalizer does not need to be connected to a power source during this step.

  1. Hold the front side of the Equalizer over the light strip of the Easee charger to hand over the WiFi credentials. The Easee charger should beep and blink green once.
  2. Plug the Equalizer to a HAN port or supported meter to power it up. The Equalizer should start to pulsate white indicate it is receiving data.

<aside> ℹ️ For better communication with the Easee charger we propose placing the Equalizer outside the fuse cabinet, on the metal door or on the metal plate provided.