The Easee Equalizer is designed for optimize your charging experience. It enables you to utilize all available capacity in the building for EV-charging without tripping the main fuse. The Equalizer is super simple to configure and use. This article will explain how to pair and use the Equalizer.


The Easee Equalizer must be used together with the Easee charger

Getting started

There are 3 simple steps to get your Equalizer up and running.

  1. Activate the HAN port.
  2. Download the Easee app and create an Easee account.
  3. Follow the guide in the Easee app and setup your Equalizer.

The Equalizer requires a compatible AMS meter and an Easee Home charger.

HAN port

The Easee Equalizer requires a compatible AMS meter and an Easee Home charger.

Currently, only HAN meters commonly used in Norway and Sweden are supported.

In order for the Equalizer to work on your meter the HAN port needs to be activated.

If the HAN port is not open/active then the Equalizer will not get power or data. Contact your grid operator to enable the HAN port.

The HAN port can be opened by contacting your local grid operator. Note that the grid operator may not be the same as your electricity provider. Opening the HAN port may take several days depending on your grid operator.

Only the person set as owner of the meter can activate the HAN port. The owner is usually the receiver of the electricity invoice

Examples of grid operators in Norway and how to open the HAN port can be found here: