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What it is epistemic status?

What I am currently including in my Epistemic status ?


What I believe can be different to what evidence is pointing to. I think making this explicit may explain a lot to a reader, bring clarity where I am going with this line of reasoning and be influencing their believes. Perhaps also use percentage points on some verbs “55%certain” when in need to specify certainty in more detail


What is the evidence? Where it comes from?


How much time or effort I spent on thinking or validating the claims.

Previous name: Epistemic effort


Doing something on the spot, even to train this muscle is very helpful See: Antithesis

Confidence tags (I use on this website)

<aside> 💡 Below is my version of confidence language. I use it to accurately convey my level of confidence. It works as a tag system that I will use across this website. I wanted to both find words that are commonly used and map them to percentage values.


Certain (100%)

Almost certain (>97%)

Highly likely (~90%)

Probably yes (~80%)

Likely (~70%)

Slight yes (~60%)