The final episode count of the anime. This should be kept blank until an official count has been provided, but can be altered if there are further announcements of episodes within the same series.

Episode Duration

Please use the average length (mode) of episodes, rounded to the nearest minute. The 23-25 mark is standard for most TV anime. This can be left blank until a full-length episode has been released.

<aside> 💡 TIP The mean duration can be used for entries with wildly varying lengths, such as Genius Party. Another way to view this is that if a standard episode length can not accurately be stated for a work, the work should use the mean for the duration. For an example of such, consider Princess Tutu. Works with low episode counts with episodes that vary in length will typically use the mean episode length.


<aside> 💡 TIP In the event that a series has some episode of different length, but not enough to satisfy using the mean, a note should be added to the description explaining the duration of the exception and which episode it was, such as Hibike! Euphonium 2.