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Crypto.com Hack - $30 Million

Crypto.com said Thursday that cybercriminals had breached its security systems earlier in the week and made off with more than $30 million in stolen bitcoin and ethereum.

"Unauthorized withdrawals totaled 4,836.26 ETH, 443.93 BTC and approximately US$66,200 in other currencies," the company said in the post.

Upon discovery of the breach, the company "revoked all customer 2FA tokens" and used the 14 hours of downtime from withdrawal activity to "revamp," according to the statement. Customers were then "migrated to a completely new 2FA infrastructure," as an additional security measure.

About 400 accounts were affected in the hack.

Trusting a Previously Hacked Platform


In general, are you more or less inclined to use a platform after they’ve survived or rebranded a hack/loss of funds?