We're excited that our next live event BigScience Episode #3 is happening on December 8th, 2021 (6:00-9:00pm UTC), organized as a NeurIPS 2021 Social. For the event we planned round table discussions on gather.town with topics on different aspects around large language models. Chairs will give an intro to the topics and facilitate discussions, with 30 min time slots for each topic. There will be several more round tables / private spaces to continue the conversation for each topic during the Social. Please note that all participants of the Social have to be registered for the NeurIPS 2021 main conference to access the gather.town space. Please find the program below (all time slots in UTC).

🌸 NeurIPS Social 2021: BigScience

6:00 pm – Opening and welcome words

with Thomas Wolf, Co-Founder and CSO at Hugging Face

6:05 pm – Data & Model: Ethical and Legal Scholarship

What are the ethical and legal issues when building, filtering, hosting and sharing a very large dataset and associated model? With Meg Mitchell, Yacine Jernite, Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis and Giada Pistilli

6:30 pm – Modeling Architecture and Scaling

What would be a good architecture for scaling to large scale? With Julien Launay and Iz Beltagy

7:00 pm – Modeling Multilinguality

What are the challenges of going from mono to multi-lingual? With Vassilina Nikoulina and Hady Elsahar

7:30 pm – Prompt Engineering

What are the challenges and opportunities with approaches like T0? With Victor Sanh, Stephen Bach, Albert Webson and Colin Raffel

8:00 pm – Engineering/Scaling

How to deal with instabilities in large-scale training? With Max Ryabinin

8:30 pm – Carbon Footprint

How do I measure the carbon footprint of my machine learning experiment? With Sasha Luccioni and Sylvain Viguier

9:00 pm – Closing