Envoys ****assist in fundraising, gauging our impact as an organization, and reaching out to schools about our work.

We are always looking for help in getting the word out about Human Restoration Project and growing the progressive education movement.

What do we need help with?

Peer to Peer Donations

Our fundraising platform allows constituents to create their own peer to peer fundraising goal. To set this up, navigate to our fundraising page and select “I want to fundraise for this!” Those who raise $200 or more for our organization will be highlighted with a Partner title on our donation page.

Sharing the Impact

We are always looking for data on who is using our resources, where they’re using them at, and how we can improve upon our work. This informs our future planning as well as provides a necessary data-set for applying and achieving grant funding. Please encourage those using our resources to fill out this Share the Impact form.

Reaching Out to Families / Schools

We want more and more people to be utilizing HRP resources to improve their schools. Utilize our materials to spread the word about our primer, handbooks, why sheets, podcasts, and more, letting families and schools know about reimagining the classroom.

Getting Started

  1. This is “drop in” assistance, meaning that you can get started at any time! If you have an idea, go ahead and get started (and see our policies below)! If you’d like to check in with us regarding a specific idea, please contact us.
  2. Submit any drafts, concepts, ideas, or questions to chris@humanrestorationproject.org & nick@humanrestorationproject.org (or on Discord).
  3. Your work will be credited under Human Restoration Project’s CC 4.0 License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International, attributed to Human Restoration Project as well as your name. Further, you will be credited on our website. We’re happy to link back to your work.


Getting the word out about Human Restoration Project and our educational movement is at the forefront of our mission/vision. As an envoy, you are directly helping sustain our organization and we can’t thank you enough!

There are a few guidelines we enforce:

  1. Ensure that all work reflects the mission and vision of our organization. You can read about our organizational principles & educational values.
  2. If hosting an event or displaying information publicly, be sure that the information is accessible and open to everyone, such as using ALT text and being conscious of language.
  3. And reach out if you have any questions or would like assistance in planning. We are always happy to assist in growing this movement and learning with you. Reach out to chris@humanrestorationproject.org and nick@humanrestorationproject.org (or on Discord).