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My name is Rocío González and I’m an architect who became an entrepreneur.

I founded 2 companies where I work and share my vision for this new economy to solve environmental and social challenges.

I’m very fond of what I do and see myself as infinite player.


PAPA is a design studio that teams up with local brands to collaborate in designing social impact projects. **DARAVI** is its triple impact factory model, where products are designed upcycling discarded materials to give work opportunities to a community of +40 women.






Unplastify is a social enterprise on a mission to change human relationship with plastic. Unplastify works with schools, communities, companies and governments to reduce single use plastics in operations. It tackles the plastic problem from the prevention side, avoiding its unnecessary use.


We are now developing a token UPF COIN to reward organizations who have unplastified operations. These tokens are emitted according to the #ProofOfUnplastify Work that is determined by a Validation Network.




<aside> 🤓 If you are interested in contacting me or have comments on my projects, pleas drop me a line at hola@rociogonzalez.ar


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