Structured Information

Field Value
Grant Title Engineering plan for blockchain state on IPFS/Filecoin
Grant Description (240 chars max) Produce a high-quality and detailed plan that an engineering team can use to get all L1 blockchains to store their full transaction history on IPFS+Filecoin, and to sync chain state from this stored history.
Funder (where the money is coming from) Protocol Labs, Inc.
Ecosystem (IPFS, Filecoin, etc.) IPFS
Discussion Forum Link (Slack, Discord channel link where people can ask more questions about the grant)
Application required? (Would you like to review applications from teams that are interested in working on this project and selecting teams upfront?) Yes
[If yes to above] Application Deadline March 4, 2022
Total Possible Grant Reward (sum up all the milestone rewards * max # of winning teams per reward, if known) — NOT PUBLISHED 1000 FIL (Max 500 per team)
Coordination DRI — NOT PUBLISHED
Domain Expert DRI (could be same as Coordination DRI or not) — NOT PUBLISHED Rod?

Motivation & Problem Description

Several L1 blockchains (e.g. Solana, Ethereum, Flow, etc.) have large and growing state and message history, but many blockchains store their canonical message history in centralized or semi-centralized ways. Notably, Solana’s 35TB+ full RPC transaction history is stored on Google BigTable.

Chain state and full message history is an important resource for the web3 space. It is our belief that the right way for this data to be stored is for it to be stored on decentralized storage such as IPFS+Filecoin, and that the right way for this data to be addressed is with content addressing.

We want to see (1) all L1 blockchains use IPFS+Filecoin for their full transaction histories, and (2) all L1 blockchain nodes directly using content addressing to retrieve data from IPFS+Filecoin in chain sync. The core question we want you to answer with this grant is “How can we get all L1 blockchains to store their full transaction history on IPFS+Filecoin, and to sync chain state from this stored history?”

The goal of this grant is to find a team that can do a full audit of various L1 blockchains, understand how their full message history and chain sync currently works, understand what would be needed in order to have full message history on IPFS & Filecoin and have node chain sync retrieve messages from IPFS & Filecoin directly, and synthesize this valuable research into a concrete product and engineering proposal for next steps. If a grantee puts together a satisfactory plan, we may want to consider working with the grantee or some other team to build out the partial or full plan (this would be a separate grant to be determined later).

Solution Requirements

Milestones and Evaluation Criteria

Milestone 1

Field Value
Milestone Name Complete Engineering Plan
Milestone Deadline April 18, 2022
Milestone Reward (can be awarded to one or more teams, but each team that successfully completes the milestone will get this amount — i.e. not a shared pool amongst winning teams) 500 FIL