About Kyso:

Kyso's mission is to build the best possible platform for companies and research teams to share and discuss data analysis reports. Specifically, we render Jupyter and R notebooks elegantly so that everyone in the company can read them, and we integrate with Github so that teams can deploy notebooks to Kyso automatically when they commit to Github so that they retain version control. Our secret sauce is that we render the reports made by technical data-scientists in a way that a non-technical audience can read.

The opportunity:

We are to hire our first non-founding employee who is a full-stack engineer to help us drive our product forward in the next few months. We are an early-stage startup backed by some great investors like Techstars and Lunar Ventures. If you want to move to the best city in the world - Valencia, Spain - then you can work in the office with us. Otherwise, you can work remotely in the EU. This job will entail a salary of €35,000-€45,000 and will include equity commensurate with being the first hire in the company.

You will: